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About the game

Cloud Quest takes you to a city in the sky that will remind of the city where Lando lives in Star Wars, but it is much more than that. This game takes you to a city in the sky that is filled with magic and wizards. You will play in a place where you must use your own powers to win money, and you will enjoy the blue tones of the game as you fight for your cash. This article briefly explains how nice it is to play in the land of Cloud Quest.

#1: The Beautiful Background

The background is brilliant in that it makes you feel as if you are standing on a random street corner in the city in the sky. You are waiting for wizards and monsters to come out of the woodwork to fight you for your cash, and every spin of the reels will send you even more possibilities for winning.

#2: The Character Tiles

The tiles in the game call your attention to other players in the game that are controlled by the program. You are attempting to line up paylines that will allow you to win the most money, and there are wilds that will turn your city in the sky upside down. There is no story per se in this game, but there is a feeling that you are waging a war against a power that is much greater than you are.

#3: How Much Money Can You Win?

You may win quite a lot of money if you spend your time wisely playing Cloud Quest. It is a free game that invites you in at any time, but you will find yourself playing this game for hours in the hopes of making it to the bonus round where you will multiply your winnings many times. Imagine how much money you can win if you are a practiced expert, and continue to play until you are a natural at this game.

You must take your ship up to a city in the sky where you may play slots for as long as you like, and you will enjoy playing in an environment that makes you feel calm. The soft sounds, blue tones of the game and the possibility of winning cash are more than enough to make this game an exciting experience.


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