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About the game

Crime Scene is a slot machine game that features your standard five reel and three row game, although the back drop is slightly different than most online games. Instead of featuring a virtual experience of sitting at a regular slot machine that you would find in a walk in casino, this game has a back drop of an actual crime scene, with the symbols looking more like pieces on a scrabble board, which take up the entire screen.


The symbols are consistent with things that you would find in a crime scene, such as a gun, a bloody foot print, a pair of sunglasses, a suit case, and the values of cards from ten to an ace in a deck of cards. The player can choose how much they want to bet before each spin, and then hits the spin reel button. The point of the game is to hit one of the various lines across the board, which can be made up by hitting a straight or horizontal line across the board with consistent symbols. The noise in the back ground of the game is that of which you would hear at a crime scene, with police sirens and noises being made from a police intercom, making the player feel like they are actual on the scene of a crime. There is also a bonus symbol, which comes in the form of a police badge with the word wild spread across it.

If you happen to hit one of these symbols in a line with other symbols that would make up a winning line, the player gets to complete the line as a winner and ends up winning more coins than they could have with a regular winning spin.


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