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About the game

Dracula is a fairly unique online slot machine simulator with a distinctly thematic tone, great graphics and a unusual number of pay lines. The game features five playable reels, forty pay lines, a jackpot of 200 coins (payments being in British Pounds) and a pay out rate of 96.6 %. The game was based upon Bram Stoker's popular gothic horror novel Dracula from which the game takes it's name and relies heavily upon in-depth, cinematic cut scenes to draw the player into its virtual world. 


The intro scene, for instance, features a black screen and nothing but the sound of footfalls and heavy breathing. When the breathing reaches a crescendo we are shown a back alley way during nighttime with the moon, pale and high in the sky and a young, Victorian woman running through the twisted cobblestones. As she turns the last corner she trips, falls and beholds a terrible and shadowy specter, none other than Dracula himself. From there the actual game beings and the slot screen is introduced; with that the player may not begin betting.

The main unique and high value symbols within the game include the male cross dresser, the female victim, the drunk, a raggedy child and his mother as well as the prince of darkness himself, Dracula. The rest of the symbols with the exception of the wild and scatter symbol include the conventional Jack, Queen, King and Ace suites used in most other online slot machine games. The special symbols featured in the game include two wild symbols, the bloody wild as well as a symbol of the nefarious count reaching out to the object of his ill-fated desires.


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