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About the game

If you are looking for a top of the line slot machine game that can be played online, which has a Egyptian theme and almost appears like you are playing a combination of a video game and a slot machine game, you should give Egyptian Heroes a try.



 The game does not have your standard Egyptian looking characters, as they are sort of illuminated and appear a bit more ominous, but the back drop to the game is very on point with Egyptian themes. The game has five spinning reels and three rows of symbols across the board, which is made up of different cards and about five different Egyptian characters, all of which kind of look like a classic phoenix. 

Winning Symbols

There are also two symbols that give the player a higher chance of winning, which come in the form of a wild symbol and a scatter symbol, which simply say wild and scatter. The wild symbol completes any line across the board, and the scatter symbol will simply scatter the board again after the reel has spun, which increases the overall chances of the player hitting a winning line across the board. There are free spins that can be won in Egyptian Heroes as well, which can come in the form of ten, fifteen, or even twenty free spins.

Most games that feature free spins have up to about ten free spins, so if you are looking for a game that has a high chance of hitting a ton of extra coins on a bonus feature, you might want to check out Egyptian Heroes, as there are a ton of different ways that a player can hit lines across the board, and there are also a ton of great reviews.


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