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About the game

Glow is an online based slot machine game, which features your standard five spinning reels and three rows. The game has an illuminated background, hence the name glow, and the symbols in the game also appear to be lit up.


The background is an array of stars and a landscape that was taken at night, while the actual symbols themselves consist of card values going form a 10 to an Ace. There are also symbols of various animals that can be hit as well. There is also a wild symbol in the form of a bear, which will take the form of any symbol that might end up making a line across the rows, giving the player a better chance of getting a payout. There are free spins in the game as well, which can come from hitting a variety of combinations across the board, and there is also a major jackpot that can be won.



The jackpot has a total value of ninety four thousand and four hundred chips, which will be paid out if the player selected the maximum amount of chips to bet with and got lucky enough to hit the perfect symbols. While there are free spins in the game, there are no excessive bonus rounds, so while there are additional features than your typical slot machine game, the creators of the game try to keep it a bit basic. All in all, glow is a great slot machine game that is well worth trying out.


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