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About the game

Invisible Man is a web based slot machine game, featuring outstanding graphics and a theme that puts itself in a different league than your typical online slot machine games. The game has a great intro and characters that interact with the game, which make the game feel a lot like the player is playing a combination of a video game and a slot machine game, although the overall purpose of the game is still to hit lines across the board.


The game has a back drop of something out of a Dr. Jeckyl and Mr Hyde scene, in that there are potion bottles in certain scenes that are reminiscent of an insane scientist, although there are other scenes in the game that feature a scene that takes place during the night, which looks almost like a horror movie, with an overweight police officer standing under a light and the invisible man on the other side of the screen. The game itself has five spinning reels, as well as three rows. The point of the game is to hit matching symbols across the board, which can add up to varying amounts of coins. In order to hit the maximum amount of coins, the player must select to spin the reel with the max amount of coins possible to bet with, although the player can also choose to bet with a small amount if they do not want to throw it all on the table.

Wild Symbols 

The game also has wild symbols, which give the player the chance to hit extra lines across the board. This is an interactive slot machine game, with top of the line graphics and is a game that every slot machine lover should at least give a try.




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