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About the game

For all you comic book lovers out there that also like to gamble and hit the slot machines, Jack Hammer might be the game for you. Jack Hammer is a video based slot machine that is a virtual experience, which functions in a similar style to a game that you would find in a regular casino, except the game has some twists and bonuses that can be taken advantage of. The graphics and symbols in the game are really what set Jack Hammer apart from a lot of games, as the symbols are individual comic boxes, which really make the game almost look like a magazine.

How To Play

There are five standard reels, which spin in three rows, giving the player the ability to hit a variety of different lines on the board. There is a feature in the game called the sticky win feature, where if you hit a winning combination, the winning symbols and combinations will stay on the board and the other symbols will be replaced. Each time this happens it gives the player another chance to win and if it does hit something, then the reel spins again and will continue until there are no more winning combinations. The player gets to decide if they want to bet a smaller or larger amount with each and every spin of the reel, and the total jackpot is two hundred and fifty thousand coins, which is a fixed total winning amount that can only be hit by betting the maximum amount.


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