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About the game

The Jimi Hendrix slot machine game is a virtual slot machine that is based around one of the best musicians and arguably the best guitar players to ever walk the earth, Jimi Hendrix.


The game features background music that feature various popular Jimi Hendrix songs, such as Foxy Lady, which plays when you first open up the game. The game has a psychedelic feel to it, with the symbols in the game being a guitar, a flower, a heart, an eye, a record, and a few other symbols that are based of music and the sixties era. There are five spinning reels with three rows in the game, which spin when the player chooses how much they want to bet and hits the spin button.

The player can also choose to simply hit the bet max button, which automatically bets the maximum amount that the game will allow, which also gives the player the biggest shot at winning a jackpot. 
There is a legends spin feature in the game, which gives the player three additional spins of the reel, with extra wilds being in the game at this stage. There are also multipliers in the game, which can multiply the winnings that a player hits up to ten times as much as what was hit on the original spin.


There are bonus rounds as well, all of which give the player the ability to hit additional money, including an encore feature, which also gives the player ten free spins with a bunch of wilds in the mix. If you are looking for a slot machine game that is entrenched with rock and roll history and features one of the best musicians of all time, there is little doubt that you will not have a great time playing the Jimi Hendrix slot machine game, which can be played at a handful of online casinos, both for free, as well as for real money.


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