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About the game

King of Slots is a video slot machine game, which can be played for free, or for real money as well. The game features five spinning reels, which provide the opportunity to hit twenty five different combinations of winning lines. King of Slots has symbols that are made up of various cards, as well as pieces of jewelry, which need to be lined up in order to hit a winner. The player has the ability to decide how much they want to bet on each spin and can either bet more or less each time. However, in order to hit the full jackpot on the machine, the player must bet the maximum amount of coins. 

Wild Symbols

One of the unique features of this type of slot machine game is the fact that there are wild symbols, which ultimately give the player a chance to win extra money. Wild symbols in King of Slots appear as a blue gem stone, which can fall into any position on the board, thus completing any potential line, by taking the form of a winning symbol. This drastically increases the chance that a player is going to come out with some winning chips. If you happen to get the three pink diamonds symbol, the game goes into a free spins mode.

Free Spin Mode


This free spin mode gives the player ten free spins, all of which can add coins to the players pocket. The best part about the free spins mode is the fact that you can win three times the amount that you would normally win on any given combination of lines from a regular spin, which triples up the amount that can be won on a regular spin. If you like playing video slot machines online, but are looking for a game that has some extra flavor, you will likely be a fat of King of Slots.


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