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About the game

If you are into video slot machine games that can be played online, and are not really looking for any fluff in a game and just want to get down to business, this game is probably for you. The game features five spinning reels, which offer up twenty five lines for pay outs, which is the overall standard that is typically used in both casinos that you play at in person, as well as the bulk of slot machine games that can be played online. The symbols in the game are various pieces of fruit, with lemons, bunches of grapes, and a bunch of cherries are a few of the symbols. The other symbols include a star, your typical bell that is so common in slot machine games, as well as a joker symbol.

Although the game has a very basic feel to it, there is one section that sets it apart from a lot of typical video slot machines that can be played online. When three scatters are hit after the player spins the reel, bonus spins may be offered up, which typically come in at the rate of ten free spins. The spins will proceed to go without the player having to hit the spin button and the total amounts of coins won get tallied up on the side. When the ten spins are completed, the total amount that was added up on the right side gets transferred into the bank account that the player is playing with.

All in all, the game is your basic slot machine game that can be played online, without any type of fluff added to it, but the bonuses and free spins keep the game entertaining.


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