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About the game

Pimped is a great online slot machine game, which functions just like a regular slot machine, although the graphics and symbols are that of a gangster, or pimp lifestyle. The symbols include things such as a pimp sitting in his pimp chair, some girls in scantily dressed attire, jewelry in classic bling style which also correspond with various playing card letters. The player has the option of selecting how much they want to play with before each spin, or you can opt to go with the maximum amount, which gives the player the ability to hit the highest payout possible.


There is no question that Pimped is one of the best online slot machines, as there is a style about it, making it a lot more interesting to play than your ordinary slot machine. However, the game is played pretty much the same way as a regular slot, except for the fact that there are five reels that spin, giving a lot more options of hitting various combinations. The game works by selecting how many coins you want to bet, which comes from the total amount of coins that you have available to play with.

If you lose on your spin and do not win any coins, the amount will be withdrawn from that pot. However, if you do happen to hit a big payout, the chips will go into this pot, which you can then decide to cash out if you want. Pimped is a great game to play online if you just want to check out various online slot machines that casinos offer, although if you do decide that you want to step it up and play with some real money, there is a good chance that you will have a great time and may come out a big winner.


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