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About the game

Journey Through the Pyramids in Pyramid: Quest for Immortality

Many online casino games offer a vast majority of entertainment and gambling style techniques with tokens instead of real cash. However, some casino sites, such as Vegascasino.com, also exchange money for tokens and allow for payouts in real cash. You can choose to play as a guest or you can open a new account on the main page, or any casino game page throughout the website. 

Signing up can help accumulate your rewards from your reel spinning excitement. You will receive 250,000 coins to use for all your spinning pleasures. You will also have access to several games including Pyramid: Quest for Immortality. Like many other reel-type games, Pyramid: Quest for Immortality allows you to match up symbols throughout five reels. However, you do not match them as you regularly would as up and down or across. These must be scattered somewhat to offer winnings. 

The Basics for Pyramid: Quest for Immortality 

Betting is done so in corn values, starting at 0.01 and maxing out at 2.00. You can choose to max bet, or pick how much you would like to bet for each spin. The winnings from spins are listed under the spin button where you can see your total, how much each spin is, and what your winnings are for that spin. Your bet can be between Level 1 and Level 10. Each level increases or decreases the bet by 10 points. You can choose to spin manually or have the auto-play spin for you. 

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols can be substituted for any symbol on the board. Therefore, when matching up two symbols and the reel has a wild on it in the appropriate place, your winnings for that symbol times three are allotted to your account. Wild generation occurs when three wild symbols land on the second, third, and fourth reels. This is considered a winning combination and allows for a wild symbol to be used in the next Avalanche.

Avalanche Multipliers

An avalanche is where many blocks on the reel are busted from winnings. The multiplier will increase by one each time that there are three avalanches in succession. The avalanche creates at least one way wins and the multiplier can achieve a max potential of times 10. 


There are regular symbols such as 10, J, Q, K, and A, much like the royal family in a deck of cards. Other symbols include Phoenix, scarabs, snakes, and two Egyptian Queens of different likeness. 

Spinning the reels has never been so fun as it is in Pyramid: Quest for Immortality. You never know whats going to come next and you're always in the winning mood with several ways to win, and unlimited ways to create successful avalanches and earn up to ten times the amount of your original winnings. 


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