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About the game

South Park Reel Chaos is a game that is innovative and offers hours of entertainment. This game is produced by Net Entertainment (NetEnt) Productions and South Park Digital Studios. It brings your favorite characters from South Park to a world of slot machines. Your favorite South Park superheroes are brought to live through the game with Professor Chaos and his partners in crime. This video slot game is sure to exceed your expectations!


This game features a 5-reel, 3-row, and 20-line video slot atmosphere. Each character, Cartman, Kenny, Kyle, and Stan, have their own personalized function with the game

The Coon

Cartman takes on his alter ago as The Coon. He attempts to search out and track down the disorder in his world. The Coon provides players with the special feature of Cartman’s Stacked Wilds. By creating the stacks of wild cards, The Coon slides across or down the reel to help players win the most. Cartman’s added bonus is a random act throughout the game. 


 is portrayed by Kenny. In the amusing sitcom, Mysterion halts Professor Chaos’ need for help and beats him with his own bare hands. As soon as Mysterion appears in the video slot game, he enables Kenny’s Multiplier. When the fight ensues between Professor Chaos and Mysterion during your spin, then a bet line multiplier can be awarded to your win. Multipliers can be three, four, or even five times your bet. 

During the game to beat Professor Chaos, another character depicted by Kyle comes to help. Kyle becomes
 The Human Kite! When evil hamsters are randomly let loose by Professor Chaos, The Human Kite dives in and uses his laser vision to blast them back into their cages. When Kyle clears the reels of the evil hamsters, three to five wild cards are placed randomly to help players profit even more. 


And then there is Stan, the last of the superheroes. Stan fights as
 Toolshed and uses his mind power to overcome Professor Chaos. Randomly activated during the game, Toolshed can appear and is able to give players free spins after a no-spin and gives players a re-spin on each of the five reels available. The multiplier can range from doubling the bet to increasing it up to ten times. 

This is interactive, fun game for players at any age. There is even a bonus round that features
 MintBerry Crunch to win a victory bonus. 


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