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About the game

Wonky Wabbits is a video slot produced by Net Entertainment. The theme of this video slot is that of a garden with many hungry, abnormal looking rabbits. The symbols used in the game are akin to the theme presented. Like many slots, there are symbols representing an Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10 of a standard deck of cards. In addition to these, there are many vegetables used. For instance, there is broccoli, tomatoes as well as many other common vegetables to compete the garden theme of the Wonky Wabbits game. There are also Wild symbols that are perhaps the most important. 

Wonky Wabbits Features

This video slot from Net Entertainment features 5 reels with 15 lines. As mentioned before, the symbols used in this game include the normal 10 through Ace of playing cards, a few vegetables and Wild symbols. This game features Wild duplication in which another wild will always be presented after one shows up.

For instance, if on a roll, a Wild symbol appears, one of the other symbols on the screen will be eaten by a rabbit and will be replaced with another Wild symbol. This can add up to big earnings for the player. A Big Win can be achieved by filling a majority of the screen with Wild symbols. When this happens, coins are showed flying through the air as the points are counted and placed into the player’s total count of coins. Net Entertainment has yet again created a successful and fun slot for their players.


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